This is the thing -- It is not about us: it is not about me.
It is about Him. It is about the Creator of the universe; the
Creator of you and me.
This website is constructed with photos that were captured
by a grandma with unsteady hands and an untrained eye using
a digital camera that was set to autopilot. All this to say
it is not about me/us; it is about God, the maker of heaven and
earth. The One who created every image I was privileged to
record. I did not seek any of these images to photograph. They
were created by the Master's hand outside the front window
of our home on the coast of southcentral Alaska.
God not only creates with love and wisdom but then
He specializes in using those who the world would judge as
useless for his purpose. So, unsteady hands and all..........
All Honor, Praise and Glory are God's alone.
May the images shared here on this website minister His Love and His Caring
for you. No matter where you are or what you are going through God wants,
more than you can ever understand, to wrap you in His extravagant love
and care. Open your heart to Him and invite Him in.

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